February 2017

It seems as though writing has escaped me for a few months. I really don’t have an excuse for why I wasn’t writing much- I just wasn’t. I’ve been sick the past week or so. It’s funny because before you are sick you get used to normality. You don’t appreciate just feeling well. Then, of course, when you are sick you pray and hope just to feel normal. Once you feel normal again it feels amazing. It’s so funny how our perception and perspective can change so easily. It reminds me of how important it is to always look at everything from multiple perspectives as our own isn’t always accurate.

Long story short- I am feeling better. I have a lot of updates for my blog here. For those who are reading this and do no know, this blog is intended for me to blog my journey post high school. This time in my life is critical to much of my future adult life and I want to document it in all of it’s glory. That includes happy, exciting, funny times and also those times that are full of hurt and stress.

Update number 1- I am officially in the Kelley School of Business.

This is a great accomplishment for me. I went into college not knowing what I wanted to do. Through a lot of analysis of myself I found something that I fit in! I worked my butt off to get into business school and I made it. This is one of those accomplishments that I really wish I could call up my (now passed) grandparents and tell them I have made it. I know that they would have been so proud of me. It’s been 5 years without them and I often think of them when I have done something I know they would have been proud of.

Update number 2- I also made it into the Honors Program within the Kelley School of Business.

This accomplishment is a little more stressful for me. I am proud of myself for getting in but I am also nervous of not being able to hold up the standards of an honors student. I blame it all on my accounting classes. But then again, I don’t mind my accounting classes – they just kinda suck. Just gotta work hard at it!

Update number 3- I am planning a few trips right now.

You see, I have this itching to go places. I want to travel to understand the world I live in a little bit more. I see life as this opportunity to go and see. I see it as an opportunity to experience all that is real in the world. I will give the details of the trips in another post later on (once plans are more concrete.)

Those are my major updates. I have been searching and interviewing for internships but nothing has stuck yet. I am keeping an open mind about that. Defeat is temporary.

Hey everyone that is reading this – You have the power to choose your perspective. You have the power to chose how your life is going to be. Choose happiness. I know it’s not that simple- but just try. You have talents that are unique to you. You have thoughts that are unique to you. Share.

As Always,



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